When this local real estate agent got his start in his professional life, he used his hands. For 16 years Chris Chappelle turned a wrench, serving his clients with integrity and excellence at two local car dealerships. He followed in his father’s footsteps, but at one point realized he wanted something different. So he made a change. Followed a new path. And all the experience he gained working hard with his hands has transferred to working hard for his real estate clients.


This mechanic turned real estate agent is able to draw on all the skills he learned over the last 16 years to serve his clients well. Chris is an agent who operates in honesty and likes to tell it like it is. His clients can expect that he will keep them informed throughout the whole real estate process. Whether you are buying or selling, Chris will keep the process moving forward and help you get to your desired goal. As a mechanic, Chris learned to work hard and is never one to complain about hard work. His strong work ethic will keep him motivated to get your deal closed.


Chris is an easy going, kind guy. He loves the environment and everyone and everything in it. “It all comes down to respect,” says Chris. “If it walks the earth, I respect it. Down to the spiders,” he says with a smile.


Chris believes in doing what he says he will do. He wants his clients to know they can rest in confidence that he will do the hard work, so they won’t have to. He loves people and his clients quickly become “his” people. “And I’m really big on being there for MY people,” says Chris.


Chris has lived his whole life in Hampton Roads. He loves this area and values the richness of the coastal landscape. An avid surfer, Chris is that ‘local’ who can tell you all the best beaches and when you can catch the best waves. As an agent, Chris is sure to lead you to the right neighborhoods for the life you envision living here in Hampton Roads.


Chris is married to Adrielle who is also a successful real estate agent. Together they share a love of rescuing animals. They have a pit bull named Luna they rescued from the SPCA. Liko, their cat was sick when they adopted him and they nursed him back to health. They also have 2 ferrets Roux and Ollie. The respect Chris has for the environment motivates him to grow plants, trees, fruits, and veggies. High on his list of favorite places to travel is Hawaii. His love of surfing draws him to the amazing waves of the North Shore. He even got his surf board custom shaped by a pro in Hawaii. If he had to prioritize his favorite things, spending time with his lovely wife Adrielle would top the list, followed closely by his passion for riding the waves. 

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