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A frequent question for buyers in Hampton Roads is, "These new homes are so nice, how can I possibly compare them?" Buying real estate is a big step and a homebuyer needs to make sure he is purchasing the right house. The way to ensure there is no buyer's remorse is to evaluate your favorite three properties. New homes in the same neighborhood are of course easier to compare, but the task will entail more when looking at houses in different developments. Consider budget, family needs, lifestyle and future plans when making a decision that will have a profound impact. Our knowledgeable and caring real estate agents can help in this process as well.

Now let's be honest. Buying a new home is a pretty big deal for most folks. The buyers choosing their new homes may feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders. These future owners have to think about how this property will suit their needs as well as the needs of their family right now and in the future. Safety and security are common issues. Is the home in question built securely and is it located in a safe environment? Money is also a determining factor in how a buyer compares new homes side by side. Is one home a better investment that the other? Will pricey upgrades provide a nice return in later years? All of these questions may run through the savvy buyer's mind and it's perfectly normal.

One of the first steps in deciding between homes is looking at floor plans. The layout of a property can make or break a sale, plain and simple. Some people prefer all the bedrooms on the same floor, others like a master suite away from it all. Some buyers like an open floor plan while others like rooms specifically designated for particular uses. A basement is a wonderful asset for some homebuyers but a finished room over the garage (FROG) is the way to go for others. It all depends on what is most important to you and your family when it's time to compare new homes in Hampton Roads.

It is not so hard to compare apples to apples but apples to bananas well, that's a different story. The same goes for houses. Buyers may be able to choose when they simply look at model homes side by side but when homes are in different developments, then neighborhood selection becomes key. The new home communities of this region present many selling points such as amenities, manicured grounds, tree-lined streets and plenty of green space. Buyers will have to look closer to see how developments stand up next to one another when thinking of living in these places. When buyers take the time to do a little comparison shopping, new homes in Hampton Roads can be wonderful purchases.

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