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New Homes in Norfolk

New homes in Norfolk? That's right, with a good agent as a guide, finding the best builder and new construction properties can be a snap. When most people think of Norfolk; visions of the Navy and the Chesapeake Bay may come into their minds, not images of new homes. That is probably because this is such an old city. Established before 1700, Norfolk is certainly filled with history. All this is to say that just because there is plenty of old does not mean this metro area can't and doesn't make room for the new. Construction hasn't halted in recent years even with economic slowdowns and it will remain steady as people keep moving to Norfolk.

There are so many beautiful, old homes in the region - why should anyone consider a new home? The benefits for new construction go far beyond that of good looks. No older home is made of materials that are considered the top quality in terms of durability and safety. Today's builder knows the only way to build an exceptional home is to start with superior materials; materials that were not even invented when most of Norfolk's grand, old homes were being built. Modern families of today need larger rooms and more storage space - very foreign concepts to builders of yesteryear. New homes offer buyers and their families everything they could want and then some.

While new homes may be available in Norfolk, they are not always readily available. This city and many of its homes have been around for a while. There are many new construction condos available but new single-family homes are not so numerous. While there are developments like East Beach that give homebuyers nicely-appointed homes in pre-planned communities, there are not many of these types of neighborhoods in the immediate area. Luckily, our agents can connect buyers with a builder who can help.

Get that house hunt off to a productive start by finding the best agent. Our real estate agents know how to find new homes when it looks like there are none. New construction may be possible in several ways. Buyers may purchase a newly constructed home in an established neighborhood, a dilapidated property that can be torn down in order for a new home to be erected or a home in one of the few new home communities in Norfolk. If a custom-built home is an option, the builder may be able to build the house on one of his own lots.

Norfolk Homes and Community Information

Sometimes you want to just sit back and relax at home. You'll love to relax at home in Norfolk, Virginia. The city is located at the Elizabeth River and James River, in Southeast Virginia. Norfolk is also the Commonwealth of Virginia's second-largest city behind Virginia Beach.

Norfolk is located at the core of The Hampton Roads Metropolitan Area is a desirable destination for finding a home as well as for looking for historical landmarks and beautiful scenes like the natural harbor at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay. You will find it is rich in historical, urban, financial, and cultural importance.

The military has always been important to Virginia and especially the city Norfolk. The Norfolk Naval Base, located here, is the largest such base. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has its defense headquarters here as well! Waterfront property and Norfolk go hand in hand. Many miles of river snake along the edge of Norfolk.

Homes in Norfolk since the early 1800s have been characterized by several distinctive styles. We have the Neoclassical architectural elements with their unmistakable columns. Many of these houses have been refined with more modern Greek influence and Roman influence. You can appreciate the architectural beauty of buildings when you see the public buildings around downtown, like in the old City Hall, the Customs House, The Taylor-Whittle House and others. Greek-style homes, Gothic Revival, high rise buildings and more ornate buildings can be found in Norfolk now. Take a look at different homes and neighborhoods, such as Berkley, Willoughby Spit, Ocean View, Downtown and Ghent.

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