When Marquis Bynum bought his first house at 21, he knew he was on to something. His dad is a local builder, so Marquis grew up around construction. When he graduated from Woodrow Wilson HS in Portsmouth, he got started in HVAC and kept increasing his knowledge and education to become a Service Technician, installing HVAC systems in new construction homes. The more he learned about real estate, the more he understood the rewards of home ownership. Since 2013, Marquis has bought 8 homes.  


The experience Marquis has gained through his personal property buying and selling has given him a strong foundation of knowledge to share with clients. He is enthusiastic about sharing that knowledge. "I found my purpose," says Marquis. "I really want to help others grow." Getting his real estate license seemed the obvious next step.


Marquis enjoys working with all kinds of clients, but he has a particular passion for helping young people learn and understand the value of home ownership. As with all investment, time is your friend. He saw that the younger you invested, the more time you have to see your investment grow. But many young people don't realize they can actually buy a home. As a 21-year-old, Marquis was surprised to learn that he could. He wants to help other young people learn about programs designed to help first time homebuyers. Knowledge is power.


Choosing the right property is half the battle. After buying and selling a few homes, he's gained some experience. He wants to pass this experience on to his clients. "I have learned to look at each client and help them find properties that are best for their life situation," says Marquis. He enjoys taking his clients through the home buying and selling process and answering questions along the way.


Born and raised in Hampton Roads, Marquis knows the area well. He jokes that he is a human GPS. Give him a zip code and he can take you there. Whether you are looking for properties near the beach or in the city, Marquis can help you find the location that is best for you.


Though Marquis is competitive and self-driven, he is also very laid back and down to earth. He will work tirelessly to help you achieve your real estate goals while keeping the stress at a minimum.


Marquis likes to work hard so he is able to enjoy life as well. He loves to travel, especially to warm, tropical locations like the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Which explains his love of seafood. He's a pescatarian and has avoided beef and pork for 15 years. He works to stay in shape, training at least 3 days a week. Family is very important to Marquis. He considers his dad his best friend and prioritizes spending time with family. He and his partner Shaqona have a 3-year-old daughter Aubrie.

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