Over 20 years ago, Brian Simon came to Hampton Roads with a dream. This motivated entrepreneur had a vision for creating a business that would make a difference in people’s lives and the community. Brian believes that home ownership is one of the keys to building personal wealth and he set out to create an agency filled with agents who would help people achieve their dreams. “I truly believe anyone with a vision can make a difference,” says Brian.


When he started Simonhouses.com, Brian was fueled by a passion for empowering and equipping people. He pursued his broker’s license to start Simonhouses.com. Brian’s advertising and marketing acumen led him to create strategies that helped his agents connect with clients who needed their help. He started out as a real estate agent, finding success even in the downturn of the market after the real estate bubble burst. His strong work ethic and never-give-up attitude kept him growing. Brian’s understanding of how advertising methods are applied keeps him on the cutting edge of leveraging technology in the real estate market. “I’m constantly thinking of how I can improve on advertising methods and harnessing the power behind those methods.” Says Brian.


This visionary was not content to start just one business. He branched out to create a custom  brokerage called Fit Realty where he concentrates on training and equipping agents. He loves to see agents learn and grow into successful real estate professionals. “I have seen brand-new agents join Fit Realty, and within a few short months they are meeting new clients and closing contracts,” says Brian. Seeing others succeed fuels Brian’s drive.


Over the past few decades in Hampton Roads, Brian has developed strategic relationships with local agents and builders. “Relationship is at the core of my profession, and you have to understand that in order to help people,” says Brian. Whether working with agents who are trying to find the right fit, or clients who are looking to buy or sell, Brian relies on positive relationships to benefit his clients. Brian has a heart to always give his best and go the extra mile. He believes success breeds more success, and if you start to expect it, then you will have it. Brian works to surround himself with positive agents who desire to find success. “Eagles are drawn to eagles and chickens to chickens,” Brian likes to say. “I prefer flying with eagles rather than pecking with chickens.”  


Brian recently authored a book called The Real Estate Journey. He wanted to compile the years of experience he’s gained into a readable guide for those who want to get started on working towards their dreams and goals, as well as detailed steps for buying a first home and what it takes to become a successful real estate agent or investor. You can learn more at BrianSimon.com.