A key to Brian’s success as a real estate agent in Hampton Roads is to be surrounded by successful people.  Success breeds more success, and if you start to expect it, then you will have it.  Alternatively, you should never expect failure if you wish to avoid it.  "Eagles are drawn to eagles and chickens to chickens. I prefer flying with eagles rather than pecking with chickens," says Simon.  At FIT Realty, Brian Simon is surrounded by successful and positive agents and staff members.  “I have seen a brand new agent join FIT Realty, and within a few short months they are meeting clients and closing contracts,” Brian recalls.  This foundation of positivity and the desire to go the extra mile are what makes Brian an outstanding agent to work with.    

Brian’s experience in the real estate industry is vast and spans over several years.  He first came to Hampton Roads with a dream to work in real estate and to grow within the industry.  To date, Brian has gained years of experience in new construction, buyer and seller representation, and land acquisition.  He is able to work with local agents and local builders and together his relationships with each will result in a connection that his clients can benefit from.  As an agent, he wants to bring his connections to you to help build and foster relationships.  “Relationships are the core of my profession, and you have to understand that in order to help people,” Brian says.    

Another asset in Brian’s list of skills is his knowledge of marketing and advertising.  Brian continues to stay up to date in the latest development of real estate search websites, marketing strategies, and how advertising is affected by the local real estate markets.  The value is that Brian knows how to advertise a specific property effectively and strategically.  In addition to the strategic level of marketing, Brian is also well-versed on the technological side of how advertising methods are applied.  “I’m constantly thinking of how I can improve on advertising methods and harness the power behind those advertising methods,” Brian says.     

Brian’s vision for his real estate endeavors is to always strive to be the best, to go extra mile, and to do so with compassion and humility.  While Brian enjoys the successes of finding the perfect home for a client, or connecting a builder with a new lot of land – his true joy is helping people feel empowered.  He understands the pride of homeownership, and the feeling of overwhelming joy on closing day when you are handed the keys to your new home.  It is that experience that Brian works so hard for, and why he loves his profession as a real estate agent. 

Brian resides in Suffolk, Virginia with his family.