Angela Leslie is a real estate agent with the kind of drive and relentless determination you want to get you through your next deal. Whether you are buying or selling, Angela has the ability to see all the moving parts and bring them together. That skill was ingrained in her while growing up in an engineering family. “When I see a problem, I need to fix it,” said Angela. “In engineering you have to fix the problem or the building will collapse.” Angela has transferred that problem solving to her clients and she doesn’t quit until she’s done.

 Born and raised in the Philippines, Angela got her degree in civil engineering, got married, and came to the U.S. in 1989. She was a military spouse for 17 years and raised 4 beautiful daughters, ending up here in Hampton Roads in 1994. When she re-entered the work force, Angela got into sales. She loves people and is relentless in her pursuit of a goal. When she started with T-Mobile, the company was small. She worked over 13 years for the company, watching it grow and expand. Angela exhibited her strong work ethic winning quarterly awards that turned into annual Winner Circle awards for the company. Four times Angela was in the Winner’s Circle top 1.5% of sales for the whole company.

 Angela loves sales, but wanted a change. She has always loved houses and since she wasn’t designing them, she thought she would sell them. When her daughter got her real estate license, and started working in new homes, Angela knew what she wanted to do. “My daughter inspired me. I saw her blossom. When she talks to clients I’m so proud and I think, ‘I want to be like her!’” Adrielle and Angela decided to join forces and call themselves the A-Team.

 Working with clients is like art to Angela. “My favorite part of the job is trying to picture what kind of house my client wants. I paint a picture in my mind. When it comes to fruition, it’s like ‘Wow!’” says Angela. Real estate is such a fun and rewarding job.

 Angela is smart and determined and comes to real estate with some unique skill sets. Not only was Angela a military spouse for many years with experience in the pains and joys of PCSing, she is also fluent in Tagalog, Visayan, and Waray (which is her native tongue). Angela is intimately aware of the issues military families face as they relocate and she looks forward to helping ease the stresses of moving for military families. She also really enjoys being able to help her Filipino clients translating and understanding the processes involved in real estate.

 Angela grew up in a large family and ran around with her brothers, driving motorcycles and being a tomboy. She loves technology. Music is a constant in her life, especially classic rock like Sting, Santana, and Earth Wind and Fire. Angela loves bowling. She loves reading non-fiction, mysteries and thrillers. She quips that she’s a cat lady with 5 cats. She also loves her brindle 9-month-old Pit Bull Gypsie Rose who she adopted from a shelter.

 Angela is married to Brad, who works for the Pepsi company in Newport News. She is very close to her daughters, who are all pursuing higher education. Mysia her oldest is studying computer science at Norfolk State. Raisa has a full scholarship in Biology to George Washington University, Rayanna is a Sophmore in Global Affairs at George Mason University, and Adrielle has a degree in Interior Design and stages homes as well as being a real estate agent.

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