Is it Possible to Buy and Sell a Home at the Same Time … Successfully?

To sell a home and then buy another is nothing new, but when done at the same time hearts can begin to race. Thanks to experienced agents at, sellers who are also buyers can go through these transactions quite seamlessly. "Every buy/sell combo that I've done has gone really well," says Heather Larson, sales manager and trainer at "Most people will purchase something contingent on the sale of the home that they're selling and because it's such a buyer's market ... a lot of people want to take advantage of those interest rates. They want to sell their home quickly so that they can purchase the home of their choice."

Listing a home while looking for a new house may not be for everyone, but it can be accomplished efficiently, ultimately giving parties their desired outcomes. Can clients successfully buy and sell homes at the same time? Larson answers, "Absolutely! I've done it three times this year." And she doesn't hesitate in suggesting this approach. Now is one of the best times ever to take this route as amazingly low interest rates allow many sellers to buy bigger, better houses for lower monthly payments.

These simultaneous real estate transactions work well with the help of seasoned agents. Larson suggests first getting a comparative market analysis to determine an accurate price for the house you're selling, and figuring out the amount of equity that could be used to put towards the next home purchase. "Our agents are experienced in writing buyer contracts that will accept contingencies on the sale of a home, and making sure that we're able to get the right price," adds Larson. Sell your home and buy another at the same time- our agents can make it happen.

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