Heather Larson

Sales Manager and Trainer

Sales manager and trainer, Heather Larson, motivates the entire sales force at SimonHouses.com. This lifetime native of Hampton Roads has worked with the team since this real estate group was first formed. Coming into a fledging business, Larson quickly learned the ropes in this sink or swim environment. She took off and got straight to work as a sales assistant for founder, Brian Simon. Success was inevitable for this professional who was motivated and determined to increase sales.

Although a natural in this industry, Larson did not begin her career in real estate. After getting some college coursework under her belt, Larson accepted a position in regional outside sales and stayed with the organization for 10 years. "I established relationships with other companies in business to assist them with their recruiting," she says. Such experience made it easy for her not only to transition into real estate but to flourish. "I wasn't helping people find homes, I was helping them find jobs," continues Larson. She explains helping people with big decisions in their lives, whether it is finding them jobs or homes, is all about learning what motivates them and understanding their core values- something her clients know Larson has mastered with ease.

Those who've had the privilege of working with Larson would describe her as dedicated, honest, techno-savvy, hardworking and knowledgeable- important qualities for someone in this competitive business. This heavy hitter enjoys getting to know people, meeting their needs and building relationships. She can readily relate to military buyers because her father served in the U.S. Navy and she also has other family members who serve in the military. She developed an enthusiasm for serving these service members and their families well because she says proudly, "they're serving us well."

Her role as the sales manager and trainer is not one that was taken on lightly. "I have a real passion for serving our clients well and a very high standard of efficiency and doing things correctly," adds Larson. This position is perfectly matched for a talented multitasker, as there are many facets that comprise this job. "I enjoy coaching people and helping them achieve what they're looking to accomplish in the next step professionally and financially … so I think all of those things make me a real natural."

This sales manager is also married and has three children. So how does Larson keep it all together? She admits it can be challenging but that putting her family first has given her a foundation to create a modern success story. "Our industry is based on homes … families exist within homes and so we won't sell houses without strong families. Therefore that starts with my family," Larson explains.

Larson lives in Newport News with her family and Australian shepherd. Some of her favorite local spots include the Noland Trail and Newport News Park. Passions include her marriage, family and spiritual life. In addition to spending time with loved ones, Larson enjoys baking and decorating cakes, as well as taking and editing photographs when time allows.