U.S. Coast Guard Finance Center

The U.S. Coast Guard Finance Center is now a mainstay in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake, Virginia. The only facility of its kind now has nearly 65,000 square feet of space used to implement U.S. Treasury rules. Employees at this center focus on financial management and accounting. This award-winning Finance Center implements the latest innovations, helping continue to make strides in increased productivity. This part of Hampton Roads is not only nice to work in; residing here can be great too. There are many choice neighborhoods nearby that allow for easy commutes here.

Today, the Coast Guard conducts its accounting operations in one centralized location but that was not always the case. Before there was a Coast Guard Finance Center, the Coast Guard had many offices around the country, which were responsible for specific accounts. Employees at each of the offices may have had different ways of handling specific accounting procedures. Since there were so many offices spread throughout the nation, it was hard to simplify things so that the same methods were used each time in specific ways. A consolidation occurred and after it was determined that the Greenbrier section of Chesapeake would make the best site, the workload of all 20 nationwide offices were combined into the present-day location. August 4, 1989 marks the official commission date of the Coast Guard Finance Center

More than two decades after its inception, the Coast Guard Finance Center still continues to impress. This service provides financial support to U.S. Coast Guard members and other customers. Since the streamlining of all offices, accounting methods have become standardized. Now there is one database where collective information is compiled into, making it easy to trace and difficult for slip-ups to occur. Innovations like the electronic exchange of information (EDI) will continue aiding Coast Guard members.

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