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Hampton Roads Loves Service Members and Their Families

Getting PCS orders to one of the many Military Bases in Hampton Roads may seem daunting at first but this area is full of resources and support for military members and their families. NAS Oceana housing is reasonably priced, the coastal climate is quite mild and people in this region respect those who defend our country. Here at, we know real estate and want to ease the transition period during a transfer to NOB or any local base. Just choose one of our experienced Real Estate Agents and request a free, no-obligation Buyer Consultation.

Military Relocation Help

Our SH Pros know how to make a military relocation successful. They can help a service member find a home in Hampton Roads that fits his or her budget and their lifestyle. Most of our SH Pros have been military dependants, are military spouses or are retired military themselves. Our Pros know how to assist service members and their families without pushing them. PCS orders don't have to be the end, they can be a whole new beginning.

When military members and their families first find out about an upcoming change of station, they may become overwhelmed with all of the impending responsibilities mounting. There’s nothing to worry over if everyone remains calm and focuses on the tasks. First, look at the timeframe. How long is it until the service member needs to be set up in his new duty station? Usually there is plenty of time to get personal affairs in order so things can be handled in an orderly fashion. Keep a log (either in a planner, calendar or phone). Make lists and cross off items as they get done. If families own the home they live in, now is the time to decide whether to sell it or rent it before leaving. Ask for advice and help from other military families who’ve gone through similar experiences.

Before coming to house hunt in Hampton Roads, make a plan so everyone in the family is on the same page. Know how long the military is planning on keeping you here. Each family’s relocation is different. Some are very short-term, some are much longer and some wind up being permanent. While nobody has a crystal ball, especially where the military is concerned, try to formulate the amount of time you're looking at staying in the area before choosing a residence. It doesn't make sense to buy a home when a service member will only be here for 9 months but on the flip side, it doesn’t make sense for him to lose money to rent for years when he could buy a home. Once military members decide the direction they want to go as far as finding a home, we can help.

Let's face it; a military relocation can be stressful. Eliminate some of that stress and find a real estate agent who can help. A home is one of the most important pieces of the moving puzzle and the right agent can assist buyers in finding the perfect place. Don’t know where to begin? No problem? Our agents are highly trained, respected individuals who want to ensure clients are satisfied with the homes they purchase. Stick with one of these professionals and come out a winner.