Norfolk Naval Shipyard

Portsmouth is home to the U.S. Navy's oldest shipyard — Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Although its name may refer to the city, which sits across the Elizabeth River, this shipyard is completely within the city limits of Portsmouth, Virginia. The size of this property is impressive; with seven dry docks, it covers about 800 acres. Paved streets account for some 30 miles, railroad tracks account for another 19 miles and shoreline accounts for around four miles. Cryptographic equipment is maintained by the East Coast cryptographic repair depot that is housed here. Employees relocating to Hampton Roads to work at this historic shipyard can find affordable area housing, fun activities and a high quality of life.

First called the Gosport Shipyard, the Norfolk Naval Shipyard was officially established by merchant Andrew Sprowle on the first day of November in 1767. British troops burned what had grown into a prosperous facility during the Revolutionary War in 1779. The federal government began leasing the shipyard once Congress passed "An Act to Provide a Naval Armament," in 1794. Afterwards, the U.S. government bought the Portsmouth facility from the Commonwealth of Virginia for $12,000 in 1801. Construction commenced on the original dry dock a little more than 25 years later. The shipyard was burned more than once around the time of the Civil War. Ships were built and repaired in this place now known as Norfolk Naval Shipyard and major expansions occurred in World War I and II.

The U.S. Navy's first commissioned battleship (USS Texas) and first aircraft carrier (USS Langley) both emerged from Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Past accomplishments encourage those at this facility to keep pressing forward. Nuclear technology was introduced in 1965 as the USS Skate, a Navy submarine, received state-of-the-art updates. Today, this shipyard supplies strategic support for ships that come in for repairs and renovations. Military marine craft may be built, converted, completely overhauled, altered and dry docked in this flagship facility. Research and development continues here in Portsmouth, as the Navy never stops looking for new ways to protect our country.

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