Dam Neck Annex at Naval Air Station Oceana

The Dam Neck Annex at Naval Air Station Oceana is sometimes still referred to as FTC Dam Neck by long-time residents. Located in Virginia Beach, this facility houses several tenant commands that contribute to training the U.S. Navy's Atlantic Fleet. This base is unique in that it remains the only oceanfront training site for sailors wielding high power weapons. The primary focus for most of Dam Neck revolves around education and training. Service members relocating to Hampton Roads will find that Dam Neck is surrounded by prime real estate, making this area a great place to work and live.

The name of this base originated upon the founding of the Dam Neck Mills Lifesaving Station in 1881. This station served as one of the five in the Atlantic coastline spanning from Virginia down to North Carolina for the United States Lifesaving Service, which blended with other groups and eventually formed the U.S. Coast Guard in 1915. After being purchased by the Coast Guard in 1930, this Virginia Beach site was used as a signal station. World War II brought the Navy here seeking training grounds for anti-aircraft gunners and was commissioned as an anti-aircraft training and testing center on April 4, 1942. Later, in 1963, Dam Neck Annex of NAS Oceana was commissioned as the Fleet Computer Programming Center; it opened in September the following year and was upgraded to a command status in 1971.

These days, Dam Neck is home to several commands such as the Tactical Training Group, Atlantic (TACTRAGRULANT), Training Support Center Hampton Roads, Combat Direction System Activity (CDSA) Dam Neck, Navy Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC) and the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU). There are many courses and programs taught here including the well-known Operations Specialist A School. This Oceana annex is located on right on the shores of Atlantic Ocean. The natural resources and native wildlife are conserved for future generations through active preservation efforts.

Living near Dam Neck is great for single sailors, families and retirees. There is a whole host of activities in this part of Virginia Beach for the daredevils at heart and those less adventurous can enjoy museums, libraries and parks galore. Service members who want to live on or near the beach are in luck. Developments near the annex with ocean views are the Sandbridge Beach communities and Croatan. The Atlantic doesn't provide the only prime backdrop for fine waterfront property, as there are many inlets and lakes in Virginia Beach too. Try Rudee Heights, Shadowlawn and Back Bay at Lagomar when looking for homes on the water. Attached housing is a great alternative for homebuyers wanting to forgo the frequent upkeep that single-family houses often need. These buyers can find homes in Sandbridge, Fieldstone Glen, Harbor Point and Ocean Lakes that are close to this Oceana annex.