U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown

The Virginia Peninsula is home to the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown. This unique facility is one of only three of its kind in the country. Located along the York River across from Gloucester Point and right outside of Colonial National Historic Park, this property's history goes back centuries. Today, a common goal of those who serve at this base is to teach trainees the needed technical skills while encouraging burgeoning leaders to emerge. Many service members and civilians come to this center to learn. When stationed here, there are a wide variety of neighborhoods to consider living in and most are nearby.

The official inception of U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown happened in 1957 but this place saw its fair share of historical occurrences for a long time prior to this date. Hundreds of years ago, then Governor, Sir John Harvey, established Yorke Village through a land patent of more than 750 acres on the bank of the York River. This settlement grew prosperous for a time, and then later declined when Yorktown became the preferred port near the end of the 1600s. This region marked an important event in the Revolutionary War- the surrender of General Cornwallis, which was drafted right outside of the Training Center on October 18, 1781 in the Moore House. This area was also sieged during the Civil War. The Coast Guard gained control of the Mine Warfare School, which was established in this area by the Navy in 1942.

Today at Coast Guard Training Center Yorktown, visitors can still see reminders from a time long ago: Old Yorke Village Church Site, Thayer Hall artifact exhibition and Admiral Benkert Maritime Museum. While the past does play a role in the facility's identity, the U.S. Coast Guard continues moving into the future. This center serves to educate those attending A Schools which last anywhere from 10 to 19 weeks. Main tracts taught here include those for Gunner's Mate, Electrician's Mate, Port Operations, Boatswain's Mate, Marine Science Technician, Machinery Technician and Damage Controlman.

Moving to Yorktown is filled with opportunities. Homebuyers who prefer new construction properties may like developments Magnolia Park and Summer's Crossing. Those who prefer more established neighborhoods can find choices in communities such as Waterview Estate, Dandy Loop Estates, Wood Landing and Edgehill. Busy service members may consider purchasing a low-maintenance townhome at Wood Towne Quarters or Riverwalk Townes. All of these areas provide a nice selection of homes for anyone wanting to commute to U.S. Coast Guard Training Station Yorktown.