Design Trends for Your New Home

Ten Design Trends to Look for in 2019

As a new year begins, there seems to be an irresistible urge to look for ways to start fresh. The year before us feels like a new beginning. Getting rid of the old and refreshing things with the new can make you feel inspired. What better place to start than your home? Get your canvas ready, we have some fresh and bold ideas to breathe new life into your abode. The designers are predicting the trends of 2019 and we've put together our Top Ten List.

  1. Color is back!

    Houzz and House Beautiful are two design sites that are predicting the domination of gray walls may be slowing down. There's been a shift in the design world to using bolder colors. And even bolder wall coverings. Deeper, richer colors are replacing the safe neutral grays we've gotten used to. Maybe not completely, but designers and home owners are craving some drama and you'll see bolder colors infused in designs throughout houses. Pantone's color of the year is Living Coral. Expect to see walls and accessories brightening rooms with Coral hues. In contrast, you'll also see moodier colors like navy blues, dark greens, and jewel tones as well. If you're not ready to splash bold colors on your walls or ceilings, start small with your furnishings and d├ęcor.

  2. Statement rooms instead of statement walls

    A few years ago, statement walls were all the rage. Pick one wall and paint a dramatic color or stencil a design. This year we're going to be seeing more full room make-overs using those bold, rich colors. Patterned wallpaper is making a comeback. Interesting linen type wall coverings are also becoming popular.

  3. Mixed metals

    Just like never ending a sentence with a preposition, there are rules we've grown up with that just feel wrong to break. Mixing metals in the same room has always been a no-no. Everyone knows that! But designers have decided to break that rule and somehow it seems to work. The key is to have metals that are distinctly different. Like brushed nickel and silver are close enough they may look like a mistake. But a gold light fixture with a rubbed bronze faucet just looks chic. Watch for this trend in kitchens and bathrooms.

  4. Hygge is in

    What is Hygge you say? First of all, it is pronounced Hoo-ga. It is a Scandanavian idea that involves creating a living space that is warm, simple, and inviting. In this style you see lamps that create warm ambient light rather than harsh over-head lights. Candles are used in abundance. Textures, like faux fur, chunky knits, soft pillows, snuggly blankets and rugs are a strong design element in Hygge. This style is about bringing vintage elements into the room, especially things from your own family history. Books, antique items, pieces that knit the present with the past. Soft, warm, and inviting are the hallmarks of Hygge, especially during the cold winter months.

  5. Look up!

    The 80s had builders texturing ceilings with the dreaded popcorn finish. Some other types of textured ceilings were swirl and lace. But we have long since trended away from those. The new design trend in ceilings is making them stand out in a new and interesting way. Think bold contrasting color. Or beams, either painted or natural. Some are even using wall paper on ceilings. Whatever your choice, ceilings have become your fifth wall. Look up and express yourself!

  6. Matte black is the new gray

    Where gray has been the dominating color of recent years, matte black is taking over. You're going to see it in floors, windows, and lighting. You'll see it in many surprising ways. Tuxedo kitchens are on trend this year with everything from black cabinets to countertops to flooring. Even faucets and fixtures come in matte black. The rich dark color is dramatic and classic all at the same time.

  7. Board-n-Batten accents

    Some predict the farmhouse is on its way out and others only see design elements strengthening, like the Board-n-Batten accents we're seeing, especially on exteriors. The detail adds a farmhouse feel as well as texture that brings interest to otherwise plain white siding.

  8. Extending our rooms outdoors

    2019 is seeing a move toward extending our living spaces outside. Instead of sliding glass doors, many designers are choosing to use folding glass doors or sliding glass walls to open a wider space to the outdoors. Nature calls!

  9. Full-height backsplash

    Many designers are no longer stopping at the cabinet with tile backsplashes. This trend takes the tile all the way to the ceiling for a more eye-catching affect. If you opt for the floating shelf look, the tile can actually cover the entire wall from countertop to ceiling.

  10. Destination Tubs

    If all this talk of home design trends has worn you out, you might need this last one. Soaker tubs are taking center stage in our ensuites. Spa-like Master bathrooms have become builder standard. Home owners are now focusing on making these rooms of relaxation even more luxurious with destination tubs. Free-standing soaker tubs have grown in popularity and are predicted to be a strong trend in 2019.

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