Ten Reasons Virginia Beach Should Make Your Short List

Whether you are planning a move to Virginia Beach because you must, or you're just dreaming about the possibility of relocating, Virginia Beach is a beautiful coastal city to consider. Being a top vacation destination, there are enough diverse areas to explore and an endless list of activities to keep you busy for days, weeks, or even months and years to come. But there's more that makes Virginia Beach a desirable location than just the surf, sand, and fun. We've put together a list of 10 reasons to consider Virginia Beach for your next hometown.

  1. 38 Miles of Coastal Beauty

    Let's be real. Though the following list will give some other reasons to love Virginia Beach, a huge draw to Virginia Beach is the 38 mile stretch of sparkling water with beaches that start where the Chesapeake Bay meets the Atlantic Ocean and ends where the North Carolina border begins. There are tourist beaches to enjoy with a 3 mile boardwalk lining the ocean front. And there are local beaches like Sand Bridge and North Beach. Whatever your preference, there's a beach for you.

  2. Red, White, and Blue is Always in Style

    The military presence in Virginia Beach and the larger Hampton Roads area is a constant source of stability. With 9 major military installations throughout the Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area, every branch of the military is represented. The military presence in the local area provides a strong foundation to the local economy. The dynamic movement of military families in and out of the area helps keep the job and real estate market fresh.

  3. Options Abound for Military Families

    With all the military installations in the local area, this is a great home for military families who will have access to multiple commissaries and military shopping locations. Medical care is always within reach and many other amenities that military members and their families have come to appreciate during their service. Being a military dense area, even local businesses welcome military patrons. Virginia Beach and the larger Hampton Roads area are military friendly cities that welcome service members and their families.

  4. Everything Old is New Again

    Virginia Beach and the surrounding area is as old as our country. The beaches of First Landing State park were witness to 100 English settlers landing on April 26, 1607 and establishing the first elective government in English America before going up the James River to settle Jamestown. Va Beach boasts the third oldest standing lighthouse in the US at Fort Story. History buffs can start with the historical sites of Virginia Beach and continue on to the amazing history that is preserved all the way up the Virginia coast. Williamsburg, York town, Richmond, and up to the nation's capital. This area is rich with history.

  5. Education to Envy

    Virginia Beach's public schools have a range of ratings, like many U.S. cities. But it should be noted that there are many public schools that rank in the 8s, 9s and even 10s. There are even charter schools with national recognition to check out. If choosing schools for your children is a consideration, do your homework. Virginia Beach is competitive when it comes to public schools.

  6. Celebrations and Festivals Galore

    Virginia Beach is home to a long list of festivals and celebrations. Many take place along the ocean front, like the annual Neptune Festival. Considered one of the top festivals in the country, the Neptune Festival attracts over 500,000 visitors who come for the sand volley ball, fireworks, Sand-sculpting Championship and a host of other attractions. Throughout the summer you can find outdoor concerts to enjoy either at the beach or other outdoor park venues. If you have a free evening, there's always something to do.

  7. Four Seasons and Then Some

    There's a joke in Virginia Beach - "If you don't like the weather, hang around an hour and it'll change." In the spring and fall months the temperature can change 20 degrees in one day. But there is also the upside that the weather does change. Virginia Beach enjoys all 4 seasons, with the majority of the year being a warmer climate. The summer months are mostly beach weather with a hint of moisture in the air. Ok, truth be told, the humidity is high. But the tradeoff is the mild winter. Though snow hits every now and then, most of the winter is fairly mild. Fall and spring have the best days of the year when there are more moderate temperatures.

  8. Virginia Beach Finally has a Downtown

    Up until just about 16 years ago, Virginia Beach was mostly a sprawling suburbia. There was no distinct downtown area. That was until the creation of Towne Center. In 2002 the Armada Hoffler Tower was constructed with its 23 floors and a tall spire to give it class. Just like that a skyline was born. Towne Center has become the heart of Virginia Beach with festivals, restaurants, and shopping. For those who are looking for a lifestyle of walkability, this area of Virginia Beach delivers. Whole Foods, great restaurants, and all the necessities are within easy walking. The local fountain has even become a bit of a gathering and meeting place.

  9. Over 100,000 Millennials Can't be Wrong

    Virginia Beach is home to around 106,000 millennials between the ages of 20-34. Virginia Beach has seen a 16% increase since 2010, making Virginia Beach one of the top choices for millennials. To keep up with this younger demographic, Virginia Beach has multiple apps available to find everything from what to do on a Saturday evening, to checking out books from the library. The craft beer scene is pretty big here too. They even have a dedicated magazine called VA Growler.

  10. You Can Get Your ViBe On

    There's a growing area of Virginia Beach called the ViBe district. This area is designed to showcase local artistic expression. The area begins near the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art and extends toward the beach front. The heart of the developers was to encourage local creatives to inspire each other, their crafts and their community. Maps are available to take you on a tour the area's street art.

  11. If you thought the only thing Virginia Beach had going for it was the beach, it's time to check out the rest of the city.

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