Five Things Every Military Member Needs when PCSing to Hampton Roads

There's nothing like that statement, "Get ready to PCS...You just got orders!" to get your whole world spinning. Relocating is filled with a myriad of decisions and changes. As stressful as the military move can be, if Hampton Roads is your new destination here are at least 5 things you need to help smooth your transition to this beautiful area.

When PCSing to Hampton Roads you need...

1. An understanding of the local area.

First of all, what is Hampton Roads? Is it a city? A neighborhood? A highway? Hampton Roads is actually an area made up of nine cities - Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, and Portsmouth. Driving through the local area you often can't tell where one city ends and the next begins. Over 1.7 million people call this area home making it the 37th largest metropolitan area in the U.S. While you are coming to the duty station you've been assigned to, you may not know there are many other military branches and duty stations located in Hampton Roads as well. All five branches have a presence here which is why the area is often referred to as military-centric. There are over 83,000 military members stationed here. Naval Station Norfolk is the largest Naval complex in the world. Joint Base Langley-Eustis is on the peninsula in Hampton and Newport News. The list of smaller bases and commands is extensive. Suffice it to say that moving to Hampton Roads you will be surrounded by a military-friendly community who is comfortable with addressing your needs as a military member.

2. A great Real Estate agent who understands your unique needs.

Because the Hampton Roads area is so steeped in military presence, you will find here at we have agents who have either served in the military, are spouses with military PCS experience, or they are dependents who understand the military PCS process. There's nothing like having someone in your corner who understands on a personal level your individual needs. Working with an agent who has military experience means you won't have to explain that you are in a different time zone and can't take a call during their work hours because Eastern Standard time is the middle of the night in Japan. Many of our agents have that personal background with the military and are ready to get working with you to find you a home. With all the new technology available, our agents aren't just a phone call away, now they can even video conference with you, helping you feel that much closer during the transition. Give us a call to set up a consultation with one of our military savvy agents.

3. A great loan officer who understands your unique finances.

Military pay and allowances are structured differently than the civilian world. It helps to have a loan officer who is familiar working with military members. Borrowing money for a home loan can be an intimidating experience. You need to feel that you can trust the information you are getting and that your loan officer understands your personal needs as a military member. Not every military home-buyer uses their VA loan benefit, but you definitely want a loan officer who is able to talk you through the process so you know about all your options. You need someone who is up to date on what your benefits are and how to use your VA loan if that is the best choice for you. We work with loan officers at SimonTowne Mortgage. Years of working with military clients has built their expertise in working through all the issues that come up during a military relocation. We can connect you with loan officers we trust to get you through this move.

4. TIME to look at all the great options.

You will need time to check out your housing options here in Hampton Roads. Take advantage of house hunting opportunities. Check with your command to see if you are allowed a permissive house hunting trip (permissive TDY). If you find out you are able to visit the area before moving, meet with one of our experienced professionals to help you choose a home before you even get here. If you coordinate with your agent, you could have a list of properties to view and your agent can arrange a whirlwind tour of homes. Many military families are able to find their home before they arrive, rather than being forced to rent while they look. If travel is not possible, our agents are happy to have virtual meetings with you to discuss and show you potential properties. Let us help find creative ways to get you in a home as quickly as you need it.

5. A network of people who can provide the services you'll need.

Moving to a new location and finding housing can involve the services of many professionals. Being new to the area it is often frustrating trying to figure out who to call and who you can trust. We have a relationship with a network of professionals in the area that understand the unique needs of the military buyer. If new construction is what you are looking for, we can help you find a reputable builder to work with. If you need contractors or inspectors, we can help you work out all those connections. As you get into the various stages of the home buying process, we will make our network available to you, making that part of the process just a little bit easier.

The Hampton Roads area is a beautiful, bustling, growing area just waiting to be explored. Situated on Atlantic Ocean, this is a coastal area where you will find much to be enjoyed at or near the beach. But if the beach doesn't do it for you, you can always check out the rich history surrounding us in Williamsburg and beyond. The capitol city Richmond is just 2 hrs north and DC just a couple more hours north. The Blue Ridge Mountains are within a day's drive as well. If this isn't your first PCS you already know that a new adventure awaits you. If this is your first, hang on for the ride. Let one of our experienced real estate agents help you find a home to enjoy and get started living in this great area!

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