Exciting Times in North Suffolk

It's an exciting time to be living in North Suffolk. Over the last 10 years, the landscape of Suffolk has been steadily changing and growing. According census records, Suffolk is the fastest growing area in Hampton Roads. New developments have been breaking ground every year, with more popping up all the time.

"I chose to live in this area on purpose because I believed in where Suffolk was going," said Brian Simon, founder and Principal Broker of FIT Realty and Simonhouses.com. "And it has not disappointed. I expect the value of my home to go up better than any other area in Hampton Roads."

Simon also strategically placed his office right along Bridge Road, one of the most heavily traveled roads in the area. North Suffolk is central to Hampton Roads. "For a real estate agency, being located here makes it convenient ground for both sides of the water. People are more willing to come meet with us here," Simon said. "They can come from the Peninsula or the Chesapeake/Virginia Beach side just as easily." From North Suffolk, the drive to almost anywhere in Hampton Roads is no more than 30-40 min. The interstate seamlessly connects all the local cities. Going north, the James River Bridge and the Monitor Merrimack Bridge are often less congested drives than the HRBT. North Suffolk has direct access to Northern Virginia.

One of the big developments that has brought revitalization to the North Suffolk area is the Hampton Roads Crossing project. New housing developments went up complimented by the shopping center featuring the massive Kroger Marketplace. Over the last few years more retail stores have filled in the shopping center to include Ross's, Five Below, Michael's, Petco, Ulta and others. Texas Roadhouses, Village Inn, and Zaxby's brought some new dining options for residents. Just in the last year, Suffolk has seen Lidl, a European grocery store, open its doors in Harborview as well as many new medical and office spaces.

Research shows that as an area improves the quality of life with desirable shopping, eating, and recreational opportunities, the property values rise. The more desirable an area is to live in, the more people are willing to pay to live there.

All this expansion has brought 100s of jobs, even 1000s if you consider the construction jobs. As these businesses get up and running, they bring at least $2 M in tax revenue to the area. Those tax dollars get reinvested in the local area and continue to make improvements in the city. Education is a high value among the residents of North Suffolk. Those tax dollars reflect that value in the two new schools that are set to open in fall 2018.

Florence Bowser Elementary school is under construction on Nansemond Parkway and will replace Driver Elementary. Driver will close as an elementary school and transform into the Excel Academy at Driver, a personalized learning center designed to accelerate learning and achievement of students who have not met success in a traditional classroom.

Until now there has only been one middle school serving the North Suffolk community. Col. Fred Cherry Middle School is in the final stages and is planned to open in the fall as well. Suffolk Public Schools hopes that the new middle school will help alleviate overcrowding at John Yeates Middle School.

If all that growth and development isn't enough, keep watching! There's a proposed mixed-use development called The Point at Harborview. The 55-acre plot of land was owned by TCC and bought by the city of Suffolk. There are plans to turn this area into an Innovation District like Towne Center in Virginia Beach. The city is following a trend throughout the country of taking suburban office parks and innovating them to better suit the needs and desires of the community. There are plans for green space with nice walkable areas. The plans also include inviting areas for the residents to stimulate community.

Small business owners are revitalizing the area as well. Decoys just opened on the banks of Bennett's Creek. This seafood restaurant and marina was dreamed up by Brian and Teresa Mullins who wanted to bring new foodie and boating life back to Bennett's Creek. The Mullins team have a proven record. They own and run Vintage Tavern on Governor's Pointe and River Stone Chophouse also in North Suffolk in Harborview.

North Suffolk is a growing area to keep your eye on. The large expanse of land provides many opportunities for growth. You never know what might be popping up next.

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