Agent Matchmaking - How do I find the right agent for me?

Talk to any of your closest friends and family who just sold their house or purchased a new home, and they will all tell you about their experience with their real estate agent. Those stories believe it or not shape the way we think about real estate professionals - whether it be for the good, or for the bad. When it comes to buying or selling your home, its common knowledge that you need a real estate professional by your side. But how do you find one? How did my friends find their agent? What should you look for in a real estate agent? Where do I look?

Finding a real estate agent is similar to searching for your doctor, your next career opportunity, or even a caterer for your wedding - it comes down to the traits and desires that you align with. Everyone's home buying or home selling experience is different, and there isn't a cookie cutter real estate model that can accommodate the majority. Military families who are relocating have specific needs from a couple who are ready to build their dream home with their custom floor plan. Luckily, the real estate professionals featured on understand that each client has specific needs, wants, and expectations - and they are ready to deliver!

The agents featured on come from all walks of life and have guided their clients through a variety of situations. When you are looking for an agent on you get to know who they are as a person, what professional skills they have acquired, and their passion for helping you with your real estate needs. Specifics aside, you should look for an agent that you trust and will have your best interests at heart. The best real estate agents are those who are trustworthy, honest, and client-centric.

Here are a few questions to keep in mind when you are searching for your real estate agent:

1. Are there people you can ask that may refer you to a specific agent, or would you rather find one yourself?

2. What specialties or qualities do I want to see in an agent? If you have never been a home owner, you may feel more comfortable with an agent who specializes in First Time Home Buyers.

3. How do I want my agent to communicate with me? If you are more tech savvy, maybe you want your agent to text you updates as opposed to calling you weekly. Or if you are relocating, would you want a local agent to video-chat with you so you can virtually see a home?

4. How involved do I want to be as a Seller or Buyer? Would I rather trust my agent to handle the heavy lifting?

Ready to find your agent? Head over to the "Our Agents" tab and feel free to read through and choose an agent that you connect with the most!

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