Finding the Right Outdoor Space in a Coastal Virginia Home

Outdoor space is a critical component to any home in Hampton Roads. As coastal Virginia is known for its temperate seasons, those without exterior living areas can lose out on a place to entertain, relax, play and barbecue. Deciding which type of outdoor space is right for you can be challenging, but it can also be fun determining how you will make the most of this space!

Types of outdoor spaces include:

  • Green Space. Most single-family houses come with a yard of some sort. Children, pets and household members of all ages will appreciate the ability to walk around in their own little patch of earth. Whether house hunters want a lush lawn, a garden plat, flowerbeds, shrubs, trees or any combination of these items, a yard is the perfect spot to let those green thumbs go wild.
  • Balcony. These outdoor areas are popular in condos and townhomes. Balconies are especially nice if they give owners a better view of something coastal Virginia is known for like the ocean, bay or river. Add some chairs, a small grill, a side table and some plants to really make it your own.
  • Deck or Patio. Extensions off the back, these desirable areas can become an entertainer's delight. Add outdoor seating, lighting, a dining area, a grill and kids' area. Don't forget to designate a place to unwind with a chaise or stand-alone hammock.
  • Water. Hampton Roads has beautiful bodies of water just about everywhere the eye can see; maybe a property you're considering backs up to one of these. Or perhaps there's a pool, hot tub or koi pond in the back.
  • Porch. Living south of the Mason-Dixon line doesn't mean homeowners must have a porch, but this feature sure can add to a home's appeal. Rest in a rocker or sit with your sweetie in a glider. These areas are great for impromptu gatherings with neighbors too.

Don't disregard the importance of an outdoor space in your next home. These areas add extra space and provide endless hours of enjoyment. With outdoor living so fun in coastal Virginia, it's a wonder owners ever come inside!


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