Four Reasons to Choose the Right Neighborhood

When buying a home, it's not about just the property itself. The location, neighbors and placement of the house can be critical to the long-term happiness of a homeowner. Remember that what's inside a residence counts, but the outside matters too!

Four reasons to choose wisely:

  1. Neighbors. Lifelong renters may not understand the value that these people can add or deduct from a homeowner's quality of life. These folks can be your best friends, watchful eyes and friends or they can be just the opposite. Know who you'll be living next to before writing an offer, because they may be there for years. While nothing is permanent, meeting nearby residents ahead of time can let you know if this a workable situation.
  3. Crime. Most folks prefer to live in a safe neighborhood, but long gone are the days when you could easily pinpoint which areas are targets by simply driving through them. Crime comes to all types of places. Be sure to check with your local law enforcement office to confirm what incidents have been reported in neighborhoods you're considering if safety is important to you.
  5. Noise. Maybe the house you've found seems lovely, but it happens to be a block away from the local fire station or railway. Noise is not a problem for some, but for others it can disrupt sleep patterns and add aggravation to daily life.
  7. Schools. Even if you don't have children in school, you'll want to keep the proximity to schools in mind when buying a home. Are there solid public schools nearby? What about charter or private schools? Considering that some families may pay a premium for homes that are within walking distance to local schools is good to know if you'll be selling before too long.

Selecting the right home comes with many challenges, but don't forget to factor the neighborhood into the decision as well. When you find the home in the right place, it can make all the difference in the world.


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