Planning Your Home Garden in Winter With a Catalog

Winter days can be dreary, but when garden catalogs arrive they can brighten spirits. Now is the ideal time to plan a home garden with the help of those mail-order catalogs and seed websites. But with so many pretty pictures of plants, trees and flowers- where should you begin?

Choose the right plants from a catalog by

  • Looking for plants that thrive in your hardiness zone. While the beauty of bougainvillea is hard to resist and the taste of oranges is refreshing, these plants simply cannot survive in the coastal Virginia climate. The entire Hampton Roads area lies within the 7b USDA hardiness zone. Look within catalog descriptions to see what zones the plants you like grow best in; stick to plants that can grow well in your area.
  • Having a plan. Although it may be fun to pick plants out aimlessly, it is best to have a plan before starting a shopping spree. Both goals and steps will differ if you're looking to plant a flower bed, begin a vegetable garden or simply add some colorful flowers to enhance curb appeal.
  • Understanding where sunlight falls on your property; buying accordingly. Just as important as hardiness zones is the amount of sun a plant should receive for optimum growth. Most garden catalogs indicate full sun, partial sun or full shade. Determine where the sun shines on the area you're wanting to plant in your yard before ordering.
  • Deciding on a specific mail-order budget before going through catalogs. Don't let excitement get the best of you when flipping through the pages. Flowers and shipping can add up quickly. Designate a budget, and stick to it.

Boost your home's curb appeal or begin that backyard garden by getting a jumpstart on your warm season garden this winter. Have fun planning your home garden with the help of a few mail-order catalogs or websites.


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