How One Thing Can Help Homeowners Stay Organized

Staying organized can help you get to places on time, eliminate endless searches for necessary items and generally make life so much easier in every way. While it is ideal for everything in a home to have a proper place (and stay there), it doesn't always work out that way. But starting with one area of the home can begin getting things in shipshape, helping other rooms to follow suit. Residents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing they have a touch of order in their lives.

If one thing, one place rather, in the home can make homeowners' lives better - it is undoubtedly the drop zone. This special area can serve as the household locker. Set up correctly, a drop zone can be where mail is sorted and stored, messages are left, keys are hung, umbrellas can dry out, portable electronic devices are plugged in, dog leashes are kept, coats are stowed and day-to-day shoes are stored. Although this may not sound like a huge accomplishment, having these minor things taken care of can be the gateway to getting an entire household in order.

Creating a drop zone can be as simple or ornate as a homeowner wishes. Some musts for the area include: electrical outlets, a serviceable table preferably with drawers, a place for coats, a basket for umbrellas and key hooks. Stacking trays can be useful for sorting mail. Make sure there is one tray for every household member; always remember to sift through piles in a timely manner. A bench is a nice touch, especially for family members who may have mobility issues; folks can sit down to take off their shoes once inside and there won't be any evidence of the dust and debris from their shoes throughout the home.

When you want to get on track, start in your own home. Adding a drop zone can make getting organized a cinch!

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