Help Keep Your Home Warm This Winter in Four Easy Steps

Freezing temperatures mean staying on top of home heating costs, and that is easy to do in four steps. Although there is no real substitute for a nice, crackling fire or a dependable HVAC unit, it's good to know that taking a few extra measures can stretch those dollars further.

Keep your home warm without breaking the bank by:

  1. Insulating. A good way to keep a home warm is to prevent the interior heat from escaping; this can be done by ensuring your house is insulated properly. Insulate isolated areas of the home like attics, basements and sunrooms to keep the cold at bay. Consider using insulation around pipes in crawl spaces too.
  3. Caulking. Prevent drafts through doors, windows and even baseboards by sealing up any leaks with caulk. Weather stripping can be added as an additional measure.
  5. Letting in the light. Bright, sunny days appear, even during winter in Hampton Roads. Use the sun to your advantage by opening blinds and curtains during the day. Note: this strategy is especially effective in south facing windows.
  7. Using ceiling fans. Flip the fan switch so that ceiling fan blades rotate clockwise. Although turning on this device may seem counterproductive, it actually helps as air is moved downwards and warmed.

If that polar blast seems like it's too close to home, try one or more of these simple steps to stay toasty without leaving your own residence.


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