Get a Head Start on Decluttering Your Home in 2015

Decluttering can be the first step towards getting organized, and you can make it happen by starting in your home. Take out the old to make room for the new! Taking just a few steps can get you on your way to a clutter-free home.

Ways to declutter:

  • Handle the holiday stuff. The holidays are officially over, so deal with any lingering items, unwanted baked goods, decorations, wrapping paper and gifts that need to be stored, taken back or regifted. Keep only holiday decorations that you like and will want to reuse; don't waste space storing items you don't know what to do with only to throw them out next Christmas.
  • Confront the closets. Clutter lurks in closets, especially in winter when there are scarves, mittens, gloves, coats, boots and earmuffs to contend with. Cull through the closets and to see what you don't wear, what doesn't fit and what can be donated.
  • Hit the kitchen. The pantry is another place where clutter seems to appear virtually overnight. Go through food items and throw out products that are expired or seem past their freshness. Donate any items you know you won't use to a local food bank. Hit the cupboards to tackle the Tupperware. Ditch pieces that are cracked or missing parts.
  • Take care of the toys. Children's toys can seem to take over an area of the home, but they are not the only offenders. Pet toys are another source of clutter; these should be regularly examined for safety. Give or throw away toys that aren't used or are in poor condtion.
  • Get to the garage. Sporting equipment, garden equipment, tools and auto supplies seem to be the main problems in this part of the home. Declutter by going through these items and keeping only what is used on a regular basis.

Yes, you can life a less cluttered life! Taking the time to declutter can lead to an organized, more efficient year in your home!


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