Our Favorite Homes From Holiday Movies

Homes from some of the most-loved holiday films remind us that real estate is about so much more than property value. It's watching the fun, memories and experiences that happen inside a home that make us want to celebrate the holidays with our own friends and family in our very own homes.

Holiday movies with memorable homes include:

  • Home Alone. Who could forget the house of horrors that Kevin created to protect himself from those bungling burglars? While it may require updating by today's standards, this beautiful brick home is surely one that makes the cut.
  • Christmas With the Kranks. It's not only the Kranks' home that is lovely, but their entire neighborhood. Who wouldn't want to live in a community filled with caring neighbors who look out for one another?
  • Trading Places. It just wouldn't feel like Christmas without watching Louis Winthorpe lose his home to Billy Ray Valentine. The historical row home is also where a scheme is hatched to regain back this house and more.
  • It's a Wonderful Life. The entire movie focuses on the beauty of owning a home. And while George probably would have preferred new construction for his own property, Mary certainly had a way with fixing up a place. She turned a dilapidated heap into a delightful home for their family.
  • A Christmas Story. The leg lamp in the window, the dogs eating the holiday turkey and Ralphie wearing the bunny suit at the top of the stairs- all of these scenes are classic reminders of the home featured in this beloved film.
  • National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Even though the house overflowed with company and was a bit overadorned with Christmas lights, this home is still a favorite.
  • Miracle on 34th Street. If only Santa could bring everyone a nice house like he brought for Susan. This home reminds us of the magic of believing.

Watching movies can be a great way to see how a home can set the perfect stage for a holiday celebration. But don't forget that while films can inspire, it's your own home traditions and activities that loved ones will remember.

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