Holiday Home Safety Tips

Preparing to host Thanksgiving dinner at home this year? Follow a few holiday safety tips to ensure everyone enjoys a fun time free from harm. Taking these precautions can keep everyone safe and sound during this season of gratitude.

  • Always keep an eye on cooking foods. The phone rings, neighbors drop by, kids want you to watch them on the trampoline but now is when homeowners need to delegate. Ask someone else to tend to other chores that come up, so you can concentrate on what's cooking on the stove.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher near the kitchen. Kitchen fires are common, especially this time of year. Don't be caught off guard; know where your fire extinguisher is before beginning to cook. Make sure all household members know how to use this device as well.
  • Ensure young children stay away from a hot stove. Hot food, boiling liquids and burning appliances make the kitchen quite hazardous for little ones. Have activities planned for the younger set, so they can stay away from the danger zone.
  • Purchase a pre-fried turkey or use a turkey fryer that does not need oil. There are many accidents that happen each year caused by turkey fryers that require hot oil. Download a Turkey Fryer Safety Information Sheet from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to learn more safety tips.
  • Double-check smoke alarms. Smoke alarms can alert the entire household if a fire has started. Know what batteries your smoke alarms require and have extras on hand; these devices can save lives.

If having a happy Turkey Day at home is a priority, make sure yours is a safe one. Be sure to follow these holiday safety tips around the house, so this Thanksgiving dinner can be fun for everyone.

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