Home Landscaping This Fall

Autumn is upon us, and that means it's time for to catch up on home landscaping. This season is the perfect time to head outdoors and get those hands dirty while increasing that curb appeal. Just take a few simple steps to frame your home with the exterior beauty it deserves.

Ways to spruce up your home landscaping this fall include:

  • Shop. Autumn is the time to hit the sales! Check garden centers, local nurseries and even home stores to find plants at reduced prices. This time of year retailers are forced to slash prices on remaining inventory in hopes of selling what is left and here's where homeowners can benefit. Be sure plants are in good condition, and remember- some varieties may appear dead but have actually gone dormant, so seek professional feedback if necessary.
  • Plant. Now is the best time of year to plant just about anything. Young trees do especially well in the fall, as their roots can begin to adjust to new surroundings without danger of drought or overheating. Shrubs do well for similar reasons. Spring bulbs also take root well when planted during these months.
  • Trim. Get rid of overgrowth, any dead branches and deciduous stalks now. Lightly trim back well-established plants that have a tendency to take off like holly, nandina and boxwood as well as hedges such as privet and Ligustrum.
  • Mulch. Not only do plants love mulch, they rely on it for warmth and moisture during the winter months. Spread a generous layer of mulch in flowerbeds and below young trees. Shredded hardwood such as cypress, cedar and pine all work well.

Homeowners need not be professional gardeners to get their yards into pristine shape. Simply enjoy the fall weather in your green space with some shovels, clippers and new plants to get your landscaping in tip-top shape before winter arrives.

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