Sell Your Condo in a Flash

Want to sell your condo? Now can be a great time to get that unit sold, but owners must first get their homes in showing condition. And staging a condo to sell is not quite the same as staging a single-family house. Find out what you can do to achieve a quick sale below.

Make your condo stand out in the real estate market by paying special attention to:

  • The entrance. Although curb appeal is crucial when selling a traditional home, it can also be important when selling a condo. Owners can make their entrance especially inviting to create small-scale curb appeal. Add a fresh welcome mat, paint the front door and add potted flowers on pedestal tables to flank the doorway. Consider adding tasteful seasonal decorations if a holiday is near.
  • The outdoor space(s). Illustrate how your space(s) can delight, no matter how small. Whether you have a patio, deck, yard, balcony or any combination of the two, there are several ways to show these areas off to buyers. Create a seating area and finish it off with lighting and plants.
  • Storage. Buyers can sometimes equate condo living without storage; show them your unit is different. Highlight all those nooks and crannies. Keep closets, drawers and cabinets in pristine condition so buyers can see what they're missing.
  • Amenities. It may be hard for buyers to visualize what is not right in front of them, even if there are great on-site amenities. Create a list of complex amenities, so buyers can see what they get when they purchase your home.

Yes, prepping attached units can be different than staging single-family houses but there's plenty of ways to flaunt your home's strengths. Once buyers see everything your condo offers, it will be hard to keep a sale at bay!

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