Keeping Your Kids Safe Around the Neighborhood

Now that kids are back in school, they'll be out and about in the neighborhood on a routine basis. Ensure your kids' safety by taking a few precautions in your own backyard.

Tips to keep kids safe include:

  • Getting to know your neighbors. Take the time to meet your neighbors. Know who lives around you, and find out who stays home during your children's play hours. Learn who can help you, be there for your kids should they need something and look out for anything out of the ordinary on your street.
  • Learning your kids' walking and/or bus routes. If kids walk to school or to bus stops, know exactly which route(s) they take. If kids are younger, consider watching to ensure they make it safely to their destinations.
  • Setting firm guidelines. Lay down the law when it comes to where your kids can go and which routes they can take in the neighborhood. Then if the kiddos are ever late, parents can know immediately where to check.
  • Finding out about the neighborhood watch program. Ask residents about current crime prevention programs. See if assistance is needed and who is in charge. Ask to be kept in the loop, so you can be aware of any potential threats.
  • Establishing a plan for potential worst-case scenarios. If a natural disaster were to happen, kids need to know how and where they can go for help. The same goes for a home invasion. Hopefully these things will never happen, but keep kids safe by establishing a plan that can keep them out of harm's way no matter what.

Since crime can occur in even the safest of neighborhoods, protect your kids by taking a proactive approach.

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