Four Ways to Make Your New House a Home

Buying a new house means getting to put your own personal stamp on it, but how do you make that new residence feel like home? Get ready to dive in, because creating a home can be a wonderful experience that provides a place that you always feel welcome.

  1. Personalize. Nothing makes a house a home like an owner's statement. Bring your personality into the mix with your favorite colors, textiles, patterns and materials. Use paint, pillows, furnishings and artwork to tell your own story. Let guests be able to get to know you just by stepping inside your front door.
  3. Define. Make a statement in each room and create a purpose for each space. Each household member's room can be reflective of his own style and taste while still adhering to the overall cohesion of the home.
  5. Infuse life. Add houseplants and flowers inside. Exterior spaces can use your touch too. Incorporate young trees, flowering bulbs, plants, hanging baskets, window boxes, perennials and maybe even a garden plot. Ask for help from friends and family or call a professional if you need help bringing out your green thumb.
  7. Organize. Knowing where everything is can certainly make you feel at home. Designate places for all of your items, so family members can easily access them whenever the need arises.

Don't feel you have to settle for a house that doesn't reveal your personality. Be bold! Feel free to be creative and impart yourself into your new house, so that it becomes your home... and don't forget to have fun!

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