Grill, Chill or Till- Ideas for Spending Labor Day Weekend at Home

Labor Day weekend is for taking a little time out, and home can be the ideal place to do just that. But how will you choose to spend this last unofficial weekend of summer? Three activities allow residents the opportunity to enjoy spending time with loved ones while hanging out in the comfort of their own home: grilling, chilling and tilling.


This activity is undoubtedly one of the most popular things to do over any holiday weekend. The smell of dogs, burgers, brats, veggies and kabobs permeates the neighborhoods of Hampton Roads tempting passersby. Whether you use charcoal or propane, grilling can be quite a tasty pastime.


Putting those feet up and really taking the time to chill can be another popular pursuit. Grab some movies, crafts or board games and unwind together with the gang. Or for a quieter retreat, a good book or long bath can be a nice way to indulge as well!


Although this choice is by far the most industrious of the three, it may also be the most rewarding. Replacing spent summer annuals, preparing yard for the fall and trenching the beds are all tasks that can beautify a home's landscaping. And while these chores may be laborious, they can also enhance quality of life and real estate curb appeal.

Labor Day weekend is a fun time, but it can also be productive. How will you choose to spend your holiday weekend at home?

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