Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Real Estate With Pets

Selling real estate with pets can be tricky, so it's best if certain guidelines are followed. The do's and don'ts below can help any pet owner looking to sell a home.



  • Don't allow pets in listing photos. Pets can certainly steal the show, but in real estate that's not a good thing. Let your home be center stage when on the market.
  • Don't leave pets in the home during showings. The object is to wow buyers with your home- not your pets, so take them with you before each showing.
  • Don't think every potential buyer will adore your pets like you do. A qualified buyer doesn't need to fall in love with your pets, only your home.


  • Do pick up toys, bowls and bedding before showings making it appear as though the home could be free of pets altogether. Keep buyers' eyes on what sets your home apart, not what could cross it off their lists.
  • Do remove pet hair frequently and keep the house clean and deodorized while on the market. If pets are too much to keep up with on daily basis, ask for help from household members or better yet, hire a professional cleaning service.
  • Do remember this stage is only temporary. Soon enough, you and Spot will be lounging about in your new digs. Take a breath; everything will be fine.

It is totally possible to sell your home, even if you own pets. Just be a smart seller, and a home sale can be in your near future!

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