The Perks of Living in a College Town

Living in a college town, or near one, comes with all sorts of perks. Hampton Roads has several college towns within its scope, all of which have some amazing offerings. Undergrads don't get all the benefits, as buying a home near these areas can put any resident right in the thick of things.


College towns like Norfolk and Williamsburg are:

  • Energetic. Although some places may seem old and even stodgy, a college town is quite the opposite. Anyone can quickly feel the youthful vibe present in these desirable locations, thanks to the influx of students. Just take a walk around the College of William and Mary, Norfolk State University, Christopher Newport University, Hampton University or Old Dominion University to boost your personal oomph.
  • Cultural. Catch a play, hear a speaker, attend a book signing, check out a gallery showing, get tickets for the big game and much more when you're near a major university. Schools attract top talent, and locals reap the rewards!
  • Diverse. A very vanilla world doesn't make for the most stimulating of environments. People from all over the world come to attend fine universities, and some wind up staying. Meet interesting people from around the block and around the globe when you live in a college town.
  • Stable. Learning institutions provide jobs and help create a sense of community. It's nice to know that buying a home in a college town will be a solid investment, as the influx of people coming into the area for school won't stop.

Get schooled on how fun life can truly be when living near a major university. Buyers can choose from several places when looking for the right home, making Hampton Roads a perfect choice for living in a college town!

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