What to Look for When Buying a Beach House in Hampton Roads

Buying a beach house in Hampton Roads is an opportunity to get a property that can provide years of fun and enjoyment for residents and their guests. But it's best to know what to look for when beginning the search for the right beachfront property. Just like any other real estate purchase, buyers should make sure this type of home meets their expectations.

Keep those eyes peeled for:

  • Proximity to the water. Those looking for beachfront homes will want to check out how many steps it takes to reach the sand. Some buyers may be content to smell the ocean air, while others may settle for nothing less than a beach in their backyard.
  • Height. Anyone who knows anything about tides in the Virginia Beach metro area, know they are nothing to ignore. Look at how much the property can stand up to tidal surges and flooding by observing the height of the lowest level. Although there are some little bungalows that have lasted through the years, many modern beach homes are constructed on pillars.
  • Safety measures. Living near the beach means taking a few extra precautions. Inspect what steps builders or contractors have taken in getting this home ready to withstand the sometimes harsh beach environment in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
  • Water views. Does the house have a direct view of the beach, is the view partially obstructed, is there a view of another body of water or is there a view of the water at all? Where are each of these views visible from inside the home?

Think moving closer to the ocean could be in your near future? Before buying a beach house in Hampton Roads, be sure to check out specific details about the beachfront homes you view; then choosing won't be as hard.

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