Simple Improvements for Small Outdoor Spaces

Just because you don't have an expansive backyard doesn't mean you can't turn your outdoor space into a wonderful summer retreat. Small exterior areas like patios, balconies and courtyards are common for condo and townhome dwellers. With some stylish additions these places can also be lush, little hideaways.

Simple improvements to enhance small exterior spaces include adding:

  • Potted plants. Nothing can breathe life into a space like healthy plants. Choose specimens that can grow well according to the amount of light your outdoor area receives. Look for flowers you like, and stick with no more than three colors. Consider window boxes, planters in groups of three or if space is really scarce- wall planters.
  • Patio furniture. Create a quiet reading nook, a place to eat or a gathering spot with select pieces of furniture. A rocking chair, a small café set or a bench can provide needed seating. Be sure to buy pieces that are designed for small spaces. Include brightly colored cushions and pillows to add a festive look.
  • Lighting. Candles, mini tiki torches, Japanese lanterns, string lights and petite chimeneas are all nice ways to illuminate a small exterior space. Keep bugs at bay with citronella candles, and create mood lighting with candle groupings of multiple heights.
  • Tableware. Coordinated napkins, tablecloths, placemats, dishes, glasses and napkin holders are a fun way to add a splash of color. Incorporate a small centerpiece, such as a simple flower in a vase, to complete the setting.

Anyone can have an inviting exterior area, even if it isn't very large. Simply add a few decorative touches to make your small outdoor space feel as welcoming as your neighborhood bar and as pretty as Biltmore Gardens.

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