Planning a Move This Summer?

If you're planning a move this summer- either into or out of Hampton Roads, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind for best results.

  • All movers (and estimates) are not equal. Every company is different and has different policies. It is your job as the consumer to ask the right questions to determine which firm is right for you. Find out important things like how long the company has been is business, what is included in the price, what kind of reputation the company has, how long the process is expected to take, how losses and damages are covered, what discounts are offered, cancellation policies and more.
  • Summer is the busiest time of the year. Unfortunately, if you're moving during the summer you won't be alone. This season is traditionally the busiest moving season of the year because school is out, and families try to relocate children before school starts again. Be sure to schedule your move far enough in advance so that you can find a reputable mover who has time for you.
  • Get estimates (and contracts) in writing. Don't be fooled with the old handshake routine unless it's your brother who owns the moving company (and even then a written contract is a good idea). Oral contracts get fuzzy, but written contracts can be referred to by both parties for further verification. Save yourself the aggravation; ask for it in writing.

If boxes and bubble tape are in your near future, be sure to plan ahead. Creating a basic blueprint for success starts with the basics when you're moving into or out of Hampton Roads.

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