What Does it Take to Get a Mom-Approved Home?

Mother's Day is this weekend, but getting the mom seal of approval on a home is important any time of the year! So what kind of property can put those maternal figures at ease when they're thinking about their adult children?

Any mom would want her offspring to live in a home that is:

  • Safe. This feature is simply a must for all moms who worry about the well-being of their brood. While a security system is nice, a home in a neighborhood known for safety is even better. Mothers like to know their kids and grandkids are safe and sound; homeowners can relax under these conditions as well.
  • Well-Appointed. No mother likes to wonder if her family has all the creature comforts. Here in Hampton Roads there is no reason not to be choosy about finding a home that meets your needs. Show Mom you can live well without going over budget.
  • Nearby. Maybe this feature isn't feasible for some families but for others, this can be a Mother's Day gift that keeps on giving. Most moms want to keep an eye on their kids long after they're grown, so living close by can be a real treat.
  • Well-Built. Nor'Easters, thunderstorms, hurricanes, snowstorms and even tornadoes can all wreak havoc on people, places and properties throughout the region. Do Mom a favor; buy a home that is built to weather these storms.
  • Large enough for company. Mom may have her own space nearby or could live faraway, but she'll probably still enjoy coming over for holidays and special occasions. Having a home big enough to accommodate those occasional overnight stays can be a warm cup of hospitality.

Give Mom a lasting gift this Mother's Day- peace of mind knowing her kids live in homes that meet with her approval.

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