Five Things a Hampton Roads Resident Will Never Say

Being a resident of Hampton Roads means you're one of the lucky ones. See what phrases may be heard from others, but never from someone who lives in this part of Virginia.

  1. "I wish there was more to do." Anyone familiar with the area knows it is virtually impossible to run out of things to do here. It doesn't matter what you're interested in- southeast Virginia has it all! Hothouse plants can enjoy local museums, boutiques and recreation centers. One can even find an ice skating rink, indoor soccer facility and indoor trampoline park in these parts. Outdoor enthusiasts can check out Norfolk Botanical Garden, parks, historic sites, the Virginia Zoo and of course the beach! There is also a wide array of events held throughout the year.
  3. "It's too expensive to buy a home here." Speak with any experienced agent here, and learn that this kind of talk is just plain silly. There are so many affordable options and areas of town, the only hard part can be making a selection with all the available choices.
  5. "There isn't much of a military presence." All of the branches of the U.S. military are represented in Hampton Roads. There is a tightly knit community within this metro area where both service members and their loved ones can find helpful support and resources.
  7. "I wish we lived in a part of the country closer to the coast." Property any closer to the shore is simply impossible to find. The city of Virginia Beach follows the southeast coastline of Virginia all the way down to North Carolina.
  9. "This is a nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live here." Many folks who come to this area on vacation discover they just don't want to leave. Some decide to retire here after military careers. Whatever the reason, there are many residents who make Hampton Roads their home by choice.

Living in Hampton Roads comes with many privileges; one of them is not having to utter the phrases above.

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