The Best Real Estate Advice Mom Ever Gave

Moms always seem to offer insightful information; the topic of real estate is no exception. These shrewd ladies are never short on helpful advice, and now isn't the time to stop listening. Get Mom's opinion on home buying before making those all-important decisions.

Phrases from Mom you can still bank on:

  • "Don't overspend." Mom knows that nobody wants to be house rich and cash poor. She's looking out for your financial future, and you should too. It may be tempting to go overboard, but with today's low mortgage rates buyers can stretch their dollars further. An experienced real estate agent can ensure you stay on budget while finding the right home.
  • "Make sure you buy in a nice neighborhood." Don't make Mom worry about your safety by purchasing property in a seedy area. Although deals can be found in up-and-coming neighborhoods, the risk may not be worth any possibility of a reward.
  • "Buy a home that can meet your needs for tomorrow, not just today." Smart moms know that life can throw curveballs your way. Having a home that can accommodate a family facing potential growth or changes wipes away the pressures that come with needing to sell, trade up and having to move.
  • "Don't settle." Mom knows that if you don't love your home the day you buy it, odds are you never will. Hampton Roads has so many types of homes available, there's no need to rush into a purchase. Take your time, ask your agent the right questions and when it feels right, make your move.

It truly can pay to listen to your mother! Get words of wisdom from Mom about life, love and even real estate.

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