What Buyers Can Learn From an Open House

There is much information that can be gleaned from attending an open house in Hampton Roads. Homebuyers who can spare an hour or so on a Sunday afternoon have no reason not to check out a local open house to learn about:

  • The house for sale. This one may seem obvious. Take a tour of the home for sale. Ask pertinent questions about the property to see if this place could be the one. Open drawers and closet doors to see if there's enough storage space. Spend some time getting a thorough feel of this house to see if it measures up to your standards.
  • The neighborhood. While you may have read all about the available home online, you may not know a thing about its location. Explore the surrounding community during an open house and get a sense of the type of area you would be living in if you make an offer. Buyers can also take this opportunity to meet neighbors who might be out and about.
  • The current market. Ask the selling agent to see comps. These comparable properties have sold recently and illustrate how the agent arrived at the listing price for the home you're viewing. You can also ask your buyer's agent about how the open house stacks up against other homes you've been looking at in terms of price, location and features.

An open house in Hampton Roads can offer buyers the chance to learn about many things. And the best part is- it's free; so there's no excuse not to drop by while you're house hunting.

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