Are New Homes Best?

April is New Homes Month according to the National Association of Home Builders. Now is the perfect time to look at reasons why new construction can be the way to go.

Why do some say new homes are better?

  • Materials. Each year, there are improvements in the building industry making it easy to choose materials that are sustainable, beautiful and better than what was in homes even a few years ago. As inventors fine-tune things, builders can integrate these products into homes. Then buyers can see what new options exist.
  • Energy Efficiency. Again, older homes just cannot compare when it comes to saving on heating and cooling bills. Windows, doors, insulation and even garage doors allow new homes to stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Highly efficient appliances also tend to be used in these properties, further enhancing the overall efficiency. Being green is easy in a new construction home!
  • Safety. Everything from hurricane shutters to fire-retardant insulation can make a new home safer than an older one. Additionally, those who buy new houses won't have to worry with issues like asbestos removal and lead paint.
  • Maintenance. Buyers can save money and time on costly repairs when they buy new homes. New construction is generally lower maintenance and won't require major items (such as the roof, pricey remodels, electrical updating, etc.) for many years, if ever.

It's easy to see why new homes can be considered better than anything else on the market. But don't just read about the reasons why; take a tour of a new home model to see what new construction can offer you.

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