You’re Moving Out of Hampton Roads- What About Your Home?

When leaving Hampton Roads for other opportunities, homeowners must decide what to do with their homes. Selling could be right for some, while renting could be the way to go for others. It all depends on specific circumstances, needs and goals.

Options when leaving the area include:

  • Selling. This choice is the most permanent of the three choices. Once you've sold your home, you can't come back so you'll need to be sure this makes the most sense to you. Depending on your particular scenario, this option may give you enough money for a down payment on a home in your new location. But putting your home on the market may require quite a bit of work on your part: decluttering, repairing, painting and cleaning. Is a home sale worth the extra effort? Only you can decide.
  • Renting (Long-Term). If you'll be coming back to Hampton Roads in a few years, renting can be a good way to keep your home. This option may also take some effort if you need to do some fix-ups around the home. You'll also need to hire a property manager or take the necessary steps to safeguard your home when seeking suitable tenants.
  • Renting (Short-Term). This choice can work for owners who plan on visiting their homes from time to time. This option can also help owners with large amounts of furnishings, as they can store them indefinitely in these furnished rentals. Again, you'll need to hire a property manager or take the proper precautions when finding tenants and writing rental agreements.

Leaving Hampton Roads? There's no need to worry about your home here because success can be found whether you decide to sell or rent it.

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