Military Housing or a Home of Your Own- Which is Better?

When relocating to Hampton Roads, military members may wonder if they should opt for military housing or a home of their own. There are plusses for both of these options, so which works best for you?

Military housing can offer service members various perks. These places are generally available when needed, so there's no need to worry about finding on a suitable unit at the right time. This type of housing is also typically close to base, which makes for easy commutes. The downside of military housing is that it eats up the entire basic allowance for housing (BAH) each month. Additionally, some of the military housing complexes in the Hampton Roads area have had issues with crime and are located in school districts that are not considered desirable.

Buying a home of your own can provide a wonderful sense of security for traveling service members who long for a true home. Hampton Roads is filled with properties that are reasonably priced for budget-minded buyers. Using the VA loan program can give buyers the opportunity to purchase a home with no money down if they wish. Service members can choose exactly which neighborhood and school district they like and concentrate their home search in those specific areas. If a transfer comes up unexpectedly, they can also rest assured that with a constant flow of military coming into the area, there's no shortage of newcomers seeking homes for sale and rent.

When PCSing to Hampton Roads, service members may need to decide whether to buy a home or opt for military housing. Each choice comes with its own bonuses, so consider how each option could make your life better before moving forward.

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