Is Chesapeake the Best City in Hampton Roads for You and Your Family?

When moving into Hampton Roads, one may wonder- is Chesapeake the best place to move my family? While the answer to this question is different for everyone, there are many aspects that can help newcomers make the most informed decisions. Are good schools a key factor? How about shopping and entertainment? Close proximity to interstates and being able easily access other parts of Virginia and beyond may be critical in regards to long-term happiness. Determining what is most important to you in your new area is part of the process.

When considering Chesapeake as a place to plant roots, buyers may wonder, "What makes this city special?"

  • Schools. Hickory schools, Great Bridge schools and Grassfield High are considered highly desirable by locals and newcomers alike. These schools' established reputations make them the pride of the region.
  • Quality of life. Many Chesapeake residents live here by choice. They can have all the amenities of a large city without the traffic, crime and noise.
  • Hometown pride. Although this city is one of the youngest in southeast Virginia, there are several longstanding traditions that residents enjoy. Chesapeake Jubilee, held annually every spring, is a weekend filled with music and entertainment for the whole family. The American Indian Festival celebrates Native American heritage with traditional dancing, storytelling and much more.
  • Sought-after neighborhoods. There's really no substitute for a great community. Friendly neighbors, block parties and a safe area where your children can play with their friends can be found in various neighborhoods of Chesapeake, Virginia.
  • Things to do. Outdoor enthusiasts can visit the Chesapeake Arboretum, Northwest River Park and the Elizabeth River Boat Landing and Park. Malls and boutiques never cease when it comes to pleasing shoppers. City Park and the Dismal Swamp Canal Trail are examples of fun, free places. Golfers can explore courses like Chesapeake Golf Club and Cahoon Plantation.

Is Chesapeake right for you and your family? Only you can make that decision, but there are many reasons to choose this city in Hampton Roads as your new home.

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