Increase the Value of Your Home While Making it Safer

Amp up home security while increasing the value of your home with a few improvements. Home security features help protect occupants of the home, but can also maintain the safe status of the entire neighborhood. Do your part, and get rewarded with a secure home that commands a higher resale value when you're ready to sell.

Add to your home's value with these improvements:

  • Security system. Although this step can be intrusive, it is one of the most proactive actions a homeowner can take against crime. Alarms alert anyone within earshot that a break-in attempt has occurred. Having one of these systems professionally installed can also save homeowners money each year on their homeowner's insurance.
  • Exterior lighting. Help prevent crime with the right amount of lighting. Motion detector or infrared-controlled lighting works best around entryways, garden areas, backyards and garages. It's difficult for criminals to lurk in the shadows when lights expose their every move.
  • Quality locks. Experienced burglars know how to quickly get past regular door locks. Be sure to upgrade to home locks that include a Grade One deadbolt, a superior locking device. Don't let something as simple as new locks come between you and home safety.

Keep your residence and loved ones safe with just a few minor adjustments. Each of the improvements you make can provide peace of mind while adding value and security to your home.

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