Avoiding Tricks, Finding Treats in Current Housing Market

Skip the tricks, and find the treats when you know how to maneuver the current housing market. Hampton Roads offers much to homebuyers who know how to scope out properties that make the cut.

Avoid tricks like:

  • Overpriced listings. Some sellers are simply unrealistic about what their homes are worth. Avoid wasting time with these properties. Every now and then homes like this sell for fair market value, but it can often take the seller quite a while to realize he won't get a higher price.
  • FSBOs. These houses can be strange birds. Many owners are unfamiliar with the current housing market, pricing strategies and legal paperwork needed to complete a sale. Additionally, open houses held by owners can be odd; owners may walk around pointing out every single thing they love about the home.
  • Inflexible sellers. If you notice tags on everything from fixtures to outdoor plants upon entering a home for sale, you can guess this may be a seller who isn't all that flexible. You're looking for someone who wants to sell his house, not enter into negotiations of the century.

Find treats like:

  • Homes priced right. These gems can be found throughout Hampton Roads. Buyers don't need to worry when they're making offers on these properties; more than likely these sellers already understand current market conditions and generally respond accordingly.
  • Helpful agents. Don't work with someone who doesn't have your best interest in mind. Find a real estate professional who truly works for you. These pros can save you all kinds of money and legwork when house hunting.
  • Builder incentives. If you're looking for a new construction home, check out which builders are offering the most goodies. Here's where your agent can really help too! Once you know which area builders are out to earn your business, you can choose the right new home.

This Halloween season homebuyers can stay away from the tricks and find the many treats that await them in the current housing market of Hampton Roads.

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