Summer Flowers for Beautiful Home Gardens in Hampton Roads

As beautiful as some homes are in Hampton Roads, they can always be enhanced with thriving summer flowers. Even those who don't possess green thumbs can work their magic in the garden and make nice homes look even better. Check out just a sampling of some of the wonderful varieties of posies that work well in the rich soil of southeast Virginia.

  • Sunflowers. Many types of these bright beauties grow well in our climate. Most varieties are quite tall, but there are dwarf sunflowers that look lovely in containers. Colors range from gold to yellow to rust to even a deep crimson. Birds and people alike love these summer delights.
  • Zinnias. Easy to grow from seed, these annuals make excellent cutting flowers. The nice thing is that there is usually enough to brighten your home on the inside and out, as these flowers have so many cheerful blooms.
  • Hydrangeas. These shade-loving plants come in a variety of colors, which can often be changed just by altering the alkalinity of the soil. These low-maintenance flowers are a florist's favorite for their longevity and beauty, but also enhance summer gardens throughout Hampton Roads.
  • Geraniums. A quintessential southern favorite, these flowers can often be found in hanging baskets or in pots flanking entryways. White, magenta, pink and red are common colors for these front porch staples.

Be sure to choose plants you find attractive and appeal to your personal tastes. Whatever type of flower you choose to use to beautify your home can really add a punch of color and an infusion of life.

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