When Buying a Home, What Size is Best?

When house hunting, one of the factors that can plague buyers is choosing the right size home in Hampton Roads. The best size property may be different for everyone. But when it comes to resale, there are specific parameters that can make homes more desirable than others. While buyers should choose houses based on their needs, they should also keep in mind they may eventually want to resell.

Below are some of the ways size matters in homes.

  • Bedrooms. While there is no ironclad rule for choosing homes with a certain amount of bedrooms in Hampton Roads, there are some basic guidelines. Houses with more than two bedrooms will attract more buyers. Even if you only need two bedrooms, you may consider looking at three-bedroom homes for resale purposes. Note that homes with many bedrooms may take longer to sell to than a house with four bedrooms.
  • Bathrooms. Any home with more than one bathroom will be appealing to today's buyers. Take this fact into consideration when looking at homes with only one bathroom.
  • Square footage. Again, there's no wrong number here because it depends upon each buyer's individual housing needs. Smaller houses often tend to fetch more price per square foot, but that doesn't mean larger homes can't command top dollar as well. It's all about appealing to as many buyers as possible. An 8,000-square-foot mansion will not appeal to as many buyers as a 2,100-square-foot home in a new construction community.

There are so many elements involved with finding the right home and size is only one of them. Resale is important to keep in mind but when it comes down to it, you have to choose a home in Hampton Roads that fits your needs.

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