How Buying a Home Can be Like “The Amazing Race”

Season 22 finale of "The Amazing Race" premiers tonight, but did you know buying a home is often like this fun show? The drama, the excitement, the competition and the joy can all be found along the way when house hunting. Just check out the similarities:

  • Contestants- otherwise known as buyers. Competitors enter "The Amazing Race" with high hopes just as many homebuyers do. Both groups must stay the course in order to complete their missions.
  • Clues- otherwise known as listings. Instead of giving out yellow clues, our agents provide their clients with listing sheets. Together they tour these properties and learn more about these homes in Hampton Roads.
  • Detours- otherwise known as choices. While contestants must compete in detours, buyers must decide between houses they see. This buying activity can be lengthy if inventory is sizeable.
  • Roadblocks- otherwise known as issues. Although contestants have to tackle roadblocks singlehandedly, buyers have our agents to help them through this step. Any issues that arise in the home buying process can be handled with experience our real estate professionals offer.
  • Pit Stops- otherwise known as buying milestones. Also seen as mini-finish lines, contestants cross these after each leg of the journey is completed. But for buyers, these milestones are noted on big days like when the offer is written, the closing is scheduled and move-in is planned.

Just like "The Amazing Race," house hunting can be filled with ups and downs, but with our agents the rewards of buying a home far outweigh any risks!

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