Don’t Wait Until Spring; Buy a Home This Winter

While spring and summer offer buying opportunities aplenty, winter presents a unique environment for bargain hunters to buy a home. There may be fewer homes on the market, but that can work to the advantage of buyers. A limited amount of listed homes means less buyers to compete with and that can mean two things. First, buyers can take a little more time and not feel pressured to make a decision before someone else snaps up a property of interest. Secondly, with fewer buyers on the lookout sellers become more negotiable often offering concessions and discounts.

The article entitled, Buying a Home in the Off-Season: What to Expect, shares a tidbit from; home prices in December are characteristically at the lowest point they will go in the entire year. Armed with such knowledge, buyers can take the Hampton Roads real estate market by storm and end up with a great buy. Think of the discounted price as payment for looking through holiday decorations to uncover what could be your next home. Yes, there may be ice, snow, hail and freezing temperatures but those who brave the winter weather are rewarded with winter prices.

Our agents are experienced in helping buyers; winter, spring, summer or fall- agents can do it all! Want to shop for bargains during the Christmas season? We can help! What better way to start off 2013 than to know most of it can be lived in a new home? Our agents stay on top of new listings and can quickly find the best bargains as well as properties that meet your criteria. When you want to buy a new home in winter or any season, contact the new home experts in Hampton Roads at

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